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If Garbage, Daft Punk and Darth Vader had a baby, that baby would be the four-headed monster know as Pop Trash Inc.

Hailing from The Netherlands, this mysterious Dutch quartet produce and record their own music and visuals.

With their striking sci-fi looks and trashy guitar infused Euro synth-pop sound Pop Trash Inc. reminds of bands like Daft Punk and Garbage.


Pop Trash Inc. are:

‘A’ - bass

‘R’ - guitars

‘E’ - synthesizers

‘Blue’ - vocals


The band started in 2014. Fueled by a mutual interest in 80’s and 90’s music, they began recording original material. ‘It became clear right away that we had something worthwhile’ says the band. ‘The four of us just clicked and we knew the time was right to bring back that classic sound injected with modern production”.


Curious as what are the names and faces of those behind Pop Trash Inc. the band stated in a 2018 radio interview: “the total image is more important than the individual members” and “by investing in visual appearance Pop Trash Inc. succeeds to differentiate from other bands and stay in the public’s minds”.


It is no co-incidence that the band reminds of characters of a Star Wars movie. They sure know their classics. The first single ‘Vertigo City’ was inspired by the 1982 cult movie ‘Bladerunner’. The title of their second release ‘Can’t go back to yesterday’ is a phrase from ‘Alice in wonderland’ and the video of ‘SITA’ is a new take on the 80’s teen movie ‘Weird Science’ (in the Pop Trash video the band design their perfect female singer!).


“Vertigo City”, the first single release from Pop Trash Inc. was nominated top 10 best songs for 2017 with a local Dutch radio station.


The video for their second release “Can’t go back to yesterday” was nominated best video of the month in March 2018 by a local Dutch TV-station and received frequent video and radio airplay.


On April 20, 2018 Pop Trash Inc. released their third single S.I.T.A.


Pop Trash Inc.’s debut EP is scheduled for release in October 2018.


Artist information:

Band name: Pop Trash Inc.

Label: Self-released

Distribution: KVZ Music

Genre: Alternative (guitar infused Euro synth) pop

Hometown: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Influences: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Star Wars, Beatles, Depeche Mode

Sounds like: Garbage, Duran Duran,